The Heterogeneous Image Processing Acceleration Framework


HIPAcc allows to design image processing kernels and algorithms in a domain-specific language (DSL). From this high-level description, low-level target code for GPU accelerators is generated using source-to-source translation. As back ends, the framework supports C/C++, CUDA, OpenCL, and Renderscript. There is also a fork of HIPAcc that targets Vivado HLS.

HIPAcc workflow

HIPAcc allows programmers to develop imaging applications while providing high productivity, flexibility and portability as well as competitive performance: the same algorithm description serves as basis for targeting different GPU accelerators and low-level languages.

Example: Linear Filters

The LinearFilter class shown below can be instantiated with a given filter mask. This will specialize the class for the filter mask such that optimized implementations emerge from the same high-level description. Examples for this filter class are the Gaussian blur filter, the Laplace operator, or the Sobel operator.

class LinearFilter : public Kernel<uchar4> {
    Accessor<uchar4> &input;
    Mask<float> &mask;

    LinearFilter(IterationSpace<uchar4> &iter,
                 Accessor<uchar4> &input,
                 Mask<float> &mask)
        : Kernel(iter), input(input), mask(mask) {

    void kernel() {
      float4 sum =
          convolve(mask, Reduce::SUM, [&] () -> float4 {
            return mask() * convert_float4(input(mask));
      output() = convert_uchar4(sum + 0.5f);


The developers of HIPAcc are Richard Membarth (@richardmembarth) and Oliver Reiche (@oreiche).

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Overview Poster

HIPAcc workflow Richard Membarth and Oliver Reiche.
HIPAcc: A Domain-Specific Language and Compiler for Image Processing.
Poster Presentation at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC), San Jose, CA, USA, March 24-27, 2014.